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Our Honey​

We pour our passion for honey into every jar. At Thamarat, we strongly believe in the healthful benefits of honey and give our guarantee that our honey is all natural, 100% pure, and the highest quality.

Our fine collection of honey are: Dowani Sidr, Osaimi Sidr, Royal Dowani Sidr, Royal Osaimi Sidr, Jerdany, Royal Jawfi Premium, Sal, Abyan Sumor, Dowani Sumor, and many more.

Our Spices

Our mission is to provide customers with a high quality of fresh spices and unique spice blends. We offer a variety of fine spices in town. Our collection includes most of the Mideastern spices and herbs that are well packed and stored. Stop by to experience our excellent variety of spices.

Our Nuts

At Thamarat, we are focused on providing fast and friendly service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to offer you the best quality products available. Our nuts are roasted in small batches with simple, natural ingredients to ensure excellent quality. Try us today and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Our Coffee

Discover the Yemeni coffee which is the most exceptional coffee blends you can find. Each coffee blend that you see, has been thoroughly tested by our experts to ensure that our customers are getting the best taste, and overall feel of each brand of Coffee Blend. We encourage you to take your senses on an adventure with each sip of our traditional Yemeni coffee blends.

Our Dates​

At Thamarat, our specialty and goal is to serve fresh and high quality Dates to our community, at a great price. We have worked with the leading suppliers to ensure that our Dates are always fresh everyday. We guarantee to have your satisfaction for all your occasions. Stop by Thamarat today and experience the excellent quality.

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